“If a website was able to drool, Meet At The Gate would be drooling over The Quarterly Conversation. It’s what online literary magazines are meant to be.”
Meet at the Gate, Canongate Books

“If it were a print publication, I would definitely buy it at the newsstand.”
Scott McLemee

“It would not be a stretch to say that The Quarterly Conversation has come to be one of the better places—online or in print—to turn to for literary and cultural criticism.”
Columbia University Press

The Quarterly Conversation is one of the most thoughtful and interesting magazines published on the web today. The breadth of coverage is very impressive, especially the insightful pieces on authors who have yet to be translated into English. TQC is one of the few publications that does justice to covering books from independent publishers, and the level of the contributors is hard to match. To me, each issue is a must read.”
—Chad Post, publisher, Open Letter Press

“There are a lot of Internet sites that discuss books, but I don’t know of any that has such consistently interesting and readable essays.”
—Language Hat

“Well worth your time.”
—the Literary Saloon

“It’s rare to me that a journal is so aptly named. Each quarter Esposito’s editing brings us exactly what it claims, a conversation about literature.”
Dan Wickett, publisher, Dzanc Books

“El contenido, en serio lo digo, no podría ser mejor, una curiosa y sabia mezcla de temas y aproximaciones. . . .  Si hay una revista electrónica de la que vale la pena estar al tanto, yo diría que es TCQ.”

“The content, seriously, couldn’t be better, a mix of themes and approaches typified by both knowledge and curiosity. . . . If there’s one electronic magazine that’s worth it, I would say it’s TQC.”

“A quick note to say how much I like The Quarterly Conversation—wonderful stuff.”
—Peter Orner, novelist

“Intelligent and sensitive.”
—Joseph Coulson, novelist

—The Millions