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Reading on the iPad

If you’re wondering how the iPad works as an e-reader, here’s a video with a few answers.

Conversation with Birds, LLC

A Conversation with Chris Tonelli of poetry publisher Birds, LLC. “Small presses are able to employ guerilla tactics . . . because the only thing we’re trying to do is publish books we want out there and hope that there are enough people like us who will want to read them too.”

The Revolution That Wasn’t

If the ebook revolution was really a revolution, it would have already happened. Ebooks are here to stay, but they won’t be killing printed books.

If Bill Gates Designed a Book

My vote for most utterly awful, Microsoft-ish “feature” to yet be applied to digital books has to be text that knows its being read and pops up with annoying citations when it thinks you don’t understand something.

Winning the battle but losing the war?

As many who care about the behind the scenes of publishing already know, recently Macmillan and Amazon duked it out over who should control pricing for electronic books.  When Macmillan asked Amazon to sign an agency plan that would let the large publisher control the prices on its ebooks, Amazon responded by refusing to sell [...]

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You Say

  • Pete: If nothing else, that headline would have totally pissed off Huey Lewis.
  • Levi Stahl: In a large sense, it’s not a patch on his major work, but good god, I love Javier Marias’s...
  • KAO: Good to have you back, sir.
  • Soo Jin Oh: Hi, Jeff, I am loving the dispatches from the Winter Institute as it was one event I always wished I...
  • Jeff Waxman: That cover for CONTEMPTIBLE is phenomenal! Thanks, gents!
  • Diane: This only confirms what I have known intuitively for several years now in relation to my own store in the...
  • Jeff Waxman: Not in my family, it won’t.
  • M: The former. The latter: http://bit.ly/12alRq
  • Levi Stahl: Ouch. That sounds easily bad enough to take the prize. E-mail me with your address and I’ll put the...
  • DebraG: Thanks, Levi, for your post. By linking Jonathan Ames and “Dance” you’ve prompted me to...