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Complete Thomas Bernhard in English: A Checklist with Pictures

Thomas Bernhard’s books have been translated and published by a variety of presses from the major (Knopf) to the tiny (Ariadne), across decades, with many of them out of print for long stretches, so I thought it would be helpful to those interested in Bernhard to see everything in one place.

Conversation with Cannibal Books

Katy Henriksen of Cannibal Books talks about what it’s like to make books by hand that are full of “flesh-eating” poems.

Robert Coover rarities

It’s hard for me to put into words how much Coover’s writing has meant to me, but had I never read his forever-anthologized short story “The Babysitter” in an undergraduate lit class, I would not have become a writer. John’s Wife remains to me his greatest achievement and a high point in American fiction, though it’s probably the least-read of his major novels. I recommend it all the time, and it was my first and certainly my biggest influence as a writer.

Mass-market paperback postmodernism

or, Artifacts from a World I Do Not Recognize
I love coming across mass market editions of books by writers whom you wouldn’t normally associate with that format (at least for those of us who were born in the seventies or later). Below are a few I’ve come across in used book stores. I always wonder: [...]

Books as objects (complete Vollmann)

Recently, since I received a first edition of You Bright and Risen Angels from my wife for xmas, I completed my collection of first editions from William T. Vollmann. Here’s a shot of the complete set.

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You Say

  • Pete: If nothing else, that headline would have totally pissed off Huey Lewis.
  • Levi Stahl: In a large sense, it’s not a patch on his major work, but good god, I love Javier Marias’s...
  • KAO: Good to have you back, sir.
  • Soo Jin Oh: Hi, Jeff, I am loving the dispatches from the Winter Institute as it was one event I always wished I...
  • Jeff Waxman: That cover for CONTEMPTIBLE is phenomenal! Thanks, gents!
  • Diane: This only confirms what I have known intuitively for several years now in relation to my own store in the...
  • Jeff Waxman: Not in my family, it won’t.
  • M: The former. The latter: http://bit.ly/12alRq
  • Levi Stahl: Ouch. That sounds easily bad enough to take the prize. E-mail me with your address and I’ll put the...
  • DebraG: Thanks, Levi, for your post. By linking Jonathan Ames and “Dance” you’ve prompted me to...