Forthcoming/recent books of note

I’ve seen a lot of blogs rounding up the rest of 2010’s releases, but they’re all mentioning the same books (Franzen, Moody, Auster, etc) and missing out on some of the most interesting titles. Here are a bunch of forthcoming and recent titles which are noteworthy:

*FOUR new Thomas Bernhard books getting published in English for the first time–one Bernhard is great news, four is amazing:

Victor Halfwit – a children’s fable?
My Prizes: An Accounting – Bernhard’s nonfiction work about the literary prizes he received – if you recall his section about literary prizes in Wittgenstein’s Nephew you know what to expect here
Prose – stories, I believe
Heldenplatz – a play, this one’s already out and available from the UK, with no American publication scheduled, as far as I can tell

*Joseph McElroy’s Night Soul and Other Stories – my most anticipated book of 2011 (so far) – it’s been almost seven years since Actress in the House, so it’ll be exciting to get more work, even if all of this has been published in various journals already

*Gordon Lish’s Collected Fictions – I’m surprised this book hasn’t gotten more heat–over 500 pages of Lish’s short stories. To be fair, almost all of it has been available in book form already, and OR Books is POD and doesn’t distribute through the normal channels (Amazon, B&N, etc). Other than the ragged right margins, it’s a really gorgeous, hefty book.

*New Directions reissues a major Louis Zukofsky book, “A” (846 pages!) and pubs another Anew: Complete Shorter Poetry

*While the Women Are Sleeping, a new book of stories by Javier Marias – I’ve read an advance copy of the title story, which is, of course, excellent

*Roberto Bolano’s The Return and The Insufferable Gaucho – the parade of Bolano continues; this is a collection of stories, and a book of stories and essays (I know everyone’s mentioning the Bolano, but I mean, it’s Bolano)

*Deszo Kosztolanyi’s The Adventures of Kornel Esti – NYRB published his great little novel Skylark so I’m excited to read this one

*And speaking of NYRB, Albert Cossery’s The Jokers is reportedly pretty spectacular

*Alice Notley’s Reason and Other Women – new Notley is always great

*One other one already out in Britain but not on the schedule for the US – Nicola Barker’s Burley Cross Postbox Theft


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  1. I’m looking forward to My Prizes quite a bit! What other books is everyone looking forward to?

    Posted by Scott Esposito | July 11, 2010, 3:37 am
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