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The Constant Conversation was established in March 2010 as an adjunct of the acclaimed Web magazine The Quarterly Conversation. These are its contributors:

Scott EspositoScott Esposito
Scott is the founder and chief editor of The Quarterly Conversation. A freelance editor and writer, his clients have included The San Francisco Chronicle, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Los Angeles Times, The Barnes and Noble Review, Publishers Weekly, Publishers Group West, Houghton-Mifflin/Harcourt, the Dalkey Archive Press, and The University of Texas Press. As a reader, he loves just about every genre of fiction, although he’s especially partial to the modernists and the romantics, and he loves him some structuralism. Follow him on Twitter @ScottEsposito, email him at scott.esposito [at] gmail.com, and read his other blog, Conversational Reading, which is where all this started.

Jeff WaxmanJeff Waxman
Jeff Waxman is a bookseller with the Seminary Co-op Bookstores in Chicago, and the editor of their web magazine, The Front Table. His book reviews have appeared frequently in the Review of Contemporary Fiction, on Three Percent, and just as often elsewhere. Jeff is an advocate for the Shop Local Movement, a panelist for the Best Translated Book Award, a cheerleading philistine for literature in translation, and an opponent of space travel. He tweets @SeminaryCoop and eats at Zaleski & Horvath, but you can reach him at jeff [at] semcoop [dot] com. He sends you his best.

Levi StahlLevi Stahl
Levi Stahl is the poetry editor of The Quarterly Conversation. In his day job, he’s the publicity manager at the University of Chicago Press. He spends almost all the rest of his time reading or making martinis, and he writes about books at his blog, I’ve Been Reading Lately, as well as, on occasion, for a handful of other places, including the Poetry Foundation and the New York Moon. With Ed Park, he is a co-founder and staff librarian of the Invisible Library. You can follow the on-the-go commonplace book he maintains via twitter at @levistahl.

Scott Bryan WilsonScott Bryan Wilson
Scott Bryan Wilson writes frequently for Rain Taxi, is a contributing editor to The Quarterly Conversation, has published fiction sporadically in journals like Denver Quarterly and 3rd Bed, and runs JR Vansant, a publisher of fiction and poetry chapbooks.

M Lynx QualeyM. Lynx Qualey
M. Lynx Qualey fell in love with Cairo in the spring of 2001, and moved in later that year. Previously a journalist, she’s become a freelance writer and will soon start teaching a creative-writing course at the Kotob Khan book store. She’s published stories in The Fiddlehead, Crab Orchard Review, Black Warrior Review, and elsewhere; you can read her memoir on AGNI, and book reviews at The Quarterly Conversation and Rain Taxi, among other places. More of her work at arablit.wordpress.com.

Matt JakubowskiMatt Jakubowski
Matt lives in Philadelphia writing fiction and book reviews when he’s not at his corporate gig. His stuff has made it into Rain Taxi, glossolalia, The Millions, Keep Going, and The Brooklyn Rail. He also contributes regularly to the City Paper and The Quarterly Conversation. When he’s not reading or writing or revising, he tutors at The Mighty Writers, an educational non-profit in South Philly. He and his wife live in West Philly. If you want to email Matt, his address is mattjakubowski [at] hotmail.com.

John LinganJohn Lingan
John Lingan is a writer and recent ex-Baltimorean now living outside of Washington, D.C. His reviews have appeared in Rain Taxi, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, and the Baltimore Citypaper. He’s a contributing editor of The Quarterly Conversation and was the original managing editor of Splice Today from February 2008 to November 2009. Email him at johnlingan [at] gmail.com, but only to explain, in detail, whether Keith Moon or John Bonham is the greater drummer.

Soo Jin Oh
Soo Jin Oh has spent the last decade working in sales and marketing in various publishing houses. From this experience, she has learned that the best way to find a good conversation is by hanging around independent booksellers.

Carrie Olivia Adams
Carrie Olivia Adams lives in Chicago, where, besides being a poet, she is a poetry-filmmaker, book publicist, and the poetry editor for the small press Black Ocean and the journal Hunger Mountain. She is the author of Intervening Absence, published by Ahsahta Press and the chapbook “A Useless Window.” Her second book, 41 Jane Does is forthcoming from Ahsahta Press along with a DVD of poem films. Her poems have appeared in such journals as Cannibal, DIAGRAM, the Laurel Review, No Tell Motel, and Dear Camera.

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